GameCms Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Description & Rules


These are the rules and settings we use during task force co-op play. They are designed to create a better experience and offer more of a challenge.


  • You will use your weapon kit as selected for the entire playthrough of the game.
  • During the kit acquisition phase you are to gather only intel on parts neededs for your kit, no medals, skill ups, resources, or missions not relevant to parts or weapons are to be obtained or completed.
  • Move from region to region based off of mentions in kingslayer files, videos, and to some small extent Karen Bowman briefs.
  • Avoid contact with the locals as much as you can. Avoid commandeering vehicles directly from locals, find parked vehicles, take SBC and Cartel vehicles. Unidad vehicles are not to be used.
  • Missions should idealy be completed without being detected if possible.
  • Rebel support is only to be used for spotting when undertaking radio tower breech or for calling mortar fire on armoured vehicles.
  • All travel must be done via backroads when possible and the same vehicle should be used to exfiltrate. Marching through untamed forest and using dirt bikes to travel through them is most desirable.
  • Avoid approaching objectives in vehicles, opt for tactical/stealth approach on foot from a distance via a hike in.
  • You can use night vision if you wear an item that permits it (helmet, goggles... ect.) FLIR can ONLY be used in a binocular capacity, which means you must also have binoculars equipped.
  • If you run out of ammo and pick up an enemy weapon, you must wait until you next visit a rebel camp to be able to change back to your regular weapon.
  • Only ammo crates at Rebel bases and armory buildings in SB/Unidad bases are to be used for restocking ammunition.
  • Aircraft are not to be used unless it is a part of the current mission.
  • You will take every opportunity to weaken the enemy, destroying motor pools, ammo caches, laying C4 in comms rooms, laying mines in a base, destroying helicopters when they are landed.

HUD Settings

These are the settings that task force members are expected to use for their hud.

Players are allowed at their discretion to turn off options marked as 'on'. However they must adhere to the options marked as 'off'.

Hover your mouse over each setting to see it's description.

Enemy & Rebel On Must be turned off id there is more than 1 overwatch in the squad.
Teammates Names In ADS Off
XP / Tier Points On
Intel HUD On
Input Reminders On
Contextual Actions On
Crosshair Off
Helicopter Off
Minimap On
Detection Clouds Off
Objective Markers Off
Communication Markers On
Item & Location Markers Off
Alert Markers Off
Sync Shot On
Ammo & Items On
Mission Reminders On
Hints Off Most people would have turned this off after their first 10 minutes of play. :D
Notifications On
Team Info Off


You are allowed 2 main weapons and must use these throughout the entire playthrough. These weapons should reflect the role that you will be playing.

The first stage of the game should be spent aquiring your equipment. During this phase you should only collect your weapons and addons, no missions should be undertaken, no supplies, kingslayer files, intel, medals, skill points, etc should be collected. You should also avoid all contact with NPCs during this stage. If possible items shall be collected without engagement. Use of a helicopter is allowed whilst provisioning.

You are allowed to use all 6 costume slots. Changing costumes should only be performed if you are at a rebel base or have just exited or returned to a vehicle that you used to travel to your current location.

Only one player is allowed to use the drone. The player allowed to use the drone should be decided before you undertake any mission. If the drone is destroyed by the enemy then you cannot use it again until after you have returned to your vehicle or a rebel base.


The following skill limitations are to be used by all task force members.


Stable Aim Max
Hip Fire Spread Max
Grenade Launcher Max
Ammo Capacity Max
VHC Destruction Level 2
Adv Suppressor Max
Time To Aim Max
Ammo Retention None


Battery None
Night Vision None
Range None
Speed None
Mark Area None
Stealth None
Cool Down None
Noise Maker None
Zoom Allowed
Explosive Allowed
EMP None
Armor None
Thermal Vision None


Parachute Allowed
Binocular Zoom Allowed
Mine Level 1
Diversion Lure None
Frag Grenade Level 2
C4 Level 1
Binocular Recon Level 1
Thermal Vision Allowed Binocular view only
Flash Bang Level 1
Flare Gun Level 1


Stamina Max
No Pain None
Car Shield None
Quiet Running Level 1
Bullet Resistance None
Detection None
Explosion Resistance None
Aircraft Shield None


These skills do not matter as they only affect your A.I teammates when playing alone.